This story has remained safely hidden away in a dark corner of my attic for the last fifteen years.  Sufficient time has now elapsed for it to meet the light of day.  Hopefully the decision to release it from its four banker’s boxes will not result in a new final chapter being written, especially not by anyone other than the undersigned. 


      Several people helped me with the underlying case.  First and foremost was Eli, without whom I would not have gotten very far, and would probably have been a casualty in someone else’s book, rather than the author of my own.  Eli, I owe you my eternal thanks and respect.


     Of honorable mention is my assistant Donna who worked diligently supporting Eli and I for the six trying years of this endeavor.  We couldn’t have done it without you. 


     Finally, my staff, my friends Bill and Kathy, and the rest of the people who took their time to review my never ending series of rough drafts, thank you for your patience, your confidence and your support.